December 4, 2013

Destination: Riverside Farm in Vermont!

Six renovated barns, 700 acres, onsite accommodations, hiking, biking, and more:  Riverside Farm is an exquisite destination wedding venue. With meadows and barns to choose from, couples can design a personalized flow of events. Privacy, charm and rural elegance abound. Antique tractors, copper lanterns, and wooden farm tables make for unforgettable d├ęcor; and a mile long stone staircase leads to a mountaintop cabin with 360 degree views. Other amenities include, stone wine cellars, rivers and waterfalls, covered bridges, golf course, apple orchards, a working organic farm and plenty of antique cars, wagons, etc…


Joe and Courtney moved to Riverside Farm in 2001, renovated the property, and held their own wedding there. Since then, they’ve hosted weekend long weddings for a few as 20 and as many as 500 guests.
Weddings at Riverside Farm are catered locally and Joe and Courtney are proud to participate in their local economy this way, supporting local chefs and professionals. They grow much of their own produce and flowers and love fresh, local produce and tout the philosophy that great food doesn't have to be complicated (just use fresh and organic whenever possible).  

Riverside Farm is ideal for larger groups while Amee is more suitable for an intimate crowd: Amee, with its stunning wraparound porch, is perfect for a VIP welcome party on a Friday night. Riverside might host a large welcome party in the Red Barn, with candles and lanterns, fire pit and a cozy fall menu; followed by a large, formal ceremony and reception at The Stonewell Barn on Saturday.

Fifteen select weekends are available year round for gorgeous weddings that celebrate Vermont’s seasonal diversity. 

March 14, 2012

Hello Sarah Seven!


Boutique bridal (etc.) shop, Sarah Seven, just opened a flagship showroom in San Francisco!
Designer Sarah Seven is creates unique, vintage inspired pieces with a modern twist. Offering, bridal, special occasion and ready to wear collections Sarah Seven uses natural fabrics, silk, wool, linens, cotton voile and also recycled vintage fabrics.

Even More Good Stuff!
A percentage of all sales are donated to the following charities:
3% to Compassion (, to feed unsponsored children);
2% to International Justice Mission (, IJM is an organization that works to free the enslaved and to hold the slave owners accountable.

Sarah Seven, 3138 Geary Boulevard, between Cook and Spruce Streets: 503-801-5650 or To make an appointment, email

February 1, 2012

Portlandia's "Cool Wedding"

ZahZoom celebrates the concepts of personalization, originality and uniqueness in the wedding arena, and is avidly pro-"indie wedding"- But last week's Portlandia episode featured one "indie wedding" that seemed to go beyond "over-the-top"... (This skit strikes a chord and brings a laugh): Enjoy!


December 28, 2011

A ZahZoom Event Just Hit Newsstands Near You!

Heather and Bradford's amazing Vaudeville wedding at Bimbos is featured in this month's issue of San Francisco Brides, just out last Friday, December 23rd!

For more about their fabulous day, you can check out ZahZoom's {blog post on the event}.

November 21, 2011

A Touch of Beauty for a Good Cause!

Last Thursday I was honored to participate by attending and donating floral arrangements for the 7th Annual Cultural Cuisine dinner, to help the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) raise money for future programs promoting sustainable agriculture.

The event featured a delicious multicultural feast prepared with help from MESA Stewards who influenced the menu with favorite dishes and flavors from their home countries. The menu included traditional dishes from Peru, Ecuador, and Thailand, and the ingredients came from donations from local growers and producers. Dessert was passion fruit custard cups with cream and candied fennel!

The evening also featured live music, dancing, and a silent auction boasting sustainable winery tours, eco-friendly spa retreats, a dinner at Chez Panisse, tempting gift baskets from local purveyors, and much more.

Just another way that ZahZoom stays involved in the community through values based giving and keeping it green, outside of the world of weddings!

October 14, 2011

Trend Spotter: Eye on 2012! (Lallitara Clutches and Ties!)

These lovely little numbers from Lallitara ( make a beautiful accent for attendant attire, which can also serve as a bridesmaids' gift! Or, you could think of it as a bridesmaids' gift that useful on more than the ONE OCCASION *wink. Better still, they are upcycled, in the first place, from vintage saris- so these fashionable fabrics already lived a full life before their glamour was reassigned!

What's more- they can be purchased with matching ties, so the whole wedding party can be picture ready with coordinating, hip accessories and receive a gift as token of your gratitude, in one fell swoop!

August 31, 2011

Oh, Baby!

I've been a little busy and somewhat preoccupied (thus the hiatus from blogging)- but he was more than worth it!
This handsome baby is Kaj Donaldson, my son, born late last March! I'm showing him off with an image that Easy Canvas Prints has turned into a piece of art for me. Let’s take a closer look:

Easy Canvas Prints offers user friendly interface with simple options to customize your print. First, choose how thick you want it: 0.75 inch or 1.5 inch. Then choose a wrap option: mirror image; photo wrap; or border. (Note that wrapping the photo, as I chose, has a neat artistic effect, but does cut some of the image, from the face-on perspective. Choosing a color border preserves the original dimensions of the photo from this vantage point).

A canvas print would make a lovely wedding display item (even an item for wedding signage!), or would be an excellent option for a favorite wedding memory, for your own wall, or as a gift.